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The all-new 2014 GreenyWorld Studios logo featuring Little Guy's Head and RKO Pictures Transmittter just like in the 2017-2018 logo (2014-2018)


Robert Stainton


2015 (as GreeTastic)
2015 (as Greeny Phatom Studios)
1997 (as GreenyWorld Studios (original))

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Greeny Phatom Studios
GreenyWorld Studios (original)

GreenyWorld Studios (stylized as Greenyworld Studios) is a company and animation studio re-founded in 2014 formely by the creator of Gree City Gree G. and later bought by Robert Stainton and renamed Greeny Phatom Studios wich it gets renamed Greenyworld Studios in the 2014. The company was held by Celebrity Home Entertainment until 2015. in 2016, Robert sold the company to Sony Pictures Entertainment and News Corporation. He aquired Adelaide Productions (an animation division of Sony Pictures Television) in 2015. Jakelsm Home Entertainment, Cocoa's World Home Entertainment, 2000TopGearDog Studios, and Geo's World Home Entertainment were folded into GreenyWorld Studios.

GreenyWorld Studios has the Home Entertainment rights to Sony Pictures Home Entertainment (USA/Canada, Domestic and International) and Aniplex (Japan).

GreenyWorld Studios is located in Washington, D.C., USA.


in 2014, Robert Stainton founded a production company named "Greetastic!".

Greetastic! Logo

Greetastic! logo (1985-1995)

Later in the 2014 when Greeny Phatom borns Greetastic! gets renamed "Greeny Phatom Studios".


Greeny Phatom Studios logo (1995-1997)

In 2015 the company decided to change the name to Greenyworld Studios. Soon they created more of thier own films, picked up the rights to the films they released with Carloco Pictures, Le Studio Canal, Concorde, Trimark Pictures and other film studios. (except the Disney, Touchstone, Miramax, Dimension and Hollywood films who remains with the studios.) They also picked up the rights to other film studios who were bankrupt and closed down. For the live action films they own they are released by Greeny-Guild a company launched by Greenyworld and Pathe. The following studios they own are...

  • Pacific International Enterprises
    Greenyworld Studios logo

    GreenyWorld Studios logo (1997-2013)

  • a few Morgan Creek films
  • most of the Triumph Releasing films (except the ones owned by Sony)
  • Vision PDG
  • all of the Games Productions (a live action company created by Games Animation) films
  • most of the Vestron Pictures library
  • some of the 20th Century Fox films (except the ones owned by FOX)
  • the J&JM library
  • all of the Games Animation films (made from the 60's to now)
  • most of the Melvin Simon Productions library
  • all of the films relased under Greenyworld Pictures
  • most of the Astral Films library
  • most of The Rank Orgnization library (except the ones owned by ITV)
  • most of the Hemdale library
  • the ABC Motion Pictures library
  • some of the Gladden Entertainment library
  • GreenyworldStudios2013Logo

    The all-new 2013 logo used in other greenyworld films (including GreenyWorld Powers 2) and the other LGMM movies after Atomic Holocaust 2.

    some of the Thames Television library (just the shows the company produced with Thames.)
  • some of the Empire Pictures library
  • the Sharpio Glickenhaus library
  • Japanese Anime Library

In August 2013, they said that the old greenyworld studios logo should be replaced with a transparent logo with a words-only logo and start a 2nd generation of greenyworld studios, but the other regional companies' logo won't change, meanwhile in the LGMM movies, it will change after Atomic Holocaust 2.


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GreenyTown (2008-2009)
GreenyWorld Studios 2013 Words-only Logo

The words-only logo.

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  • Snaily The Snail and The Rainbow Shell with Toho (Japan), Columbia Pictures (Dubbed) Greenyworld Studios Japan, Japanese movie, 2016)

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